Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bronx Pols Demand Preservation of Bronx Terminal Market

Today at the offices of the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation a number of parties met to discuss preservation of the Bronx Terminal Market. This meeting, organized by County Leader Jose Rivera, was an outgrowth of the earlier City Council hearing where a number of Bronx council members echoed the need to resolve the current situation.

In typical fashion, EDC wavered and reiterated its reluctance to relocate the wholesalers collectively. However, a number of Bronx electeds, including Maria del Carmen Arroyo, Joel Rivera and Adolfo Carrion, forcefully told the dithering economic development agency that it was imperative that the merchants be given a viable relocation deal. This is great news and we commend these politicians for defending indigenous Bronx small businesses that have served the community for generations.

There will be another meeting next week where the merchants will present to EDC preferred sites (based on Professor Fainstein’s report), necessary square footage, the amount they can pay, as well as other specifics. While we are pleased by response of Borough President Carrion and members of the Bronx delegation, we’re still skeptical about whether EDC is willing do all it can to ensure preservation of the Terminal Market. Remember, this is the same agency that has said it is under no obligation to relocate the wholesalers, that it will not assist in the construct of a new facility and that the merchants are of negligible economic importance to the City. Hopefully, the political pressure being applied will be sufficient to ensure an optimal outcome.