Friday, July 22, 2005


As we mentioned previously, Wal-Mart is trying to add beer and liquor to its enormous inventory. There was some protest from local business owners in Fayetteville, Arkansas but the Sam’s Club there obtained its permit:

The Alcohol Beverage Control Division board on Wednesday granted Sam’s Club a liquor permit to sell spirits from its planned store at 3081 Arkansas 112.
To get around local law that prevents a store like Sam’s Club from selling liquor:

Plans indicate the liquor store will be 6,458 square feet and will be accessible only through an entrance separate from the 136,440-square-foot retail center. The spaces also will have different employees, loading areas, heating and cooling units, utility meters and bank accounts.
Continuing with the booze news, a Wal-Mart in Wisconsin wants to vend beer:

While there has not been a vote yet, the Portage Legislative and Regulatory Committee is showing an apparent split on whether or not to give Wal-Mart a license to sell malt beverages.

Two committee members voiced possible support for an application from the company, while two indicated they had reservations over the number of existing establishments available in Portage to buy malt beverages.
Wal-Mart’s desire is to sell as many different types of merchandise as possible. Its portfolio is ever-expanding and small businesses in NYC that feel they are immune or will not be affected by the box store should take note. In fact, Wal-Mart is now looking to enter everything from banking to gasoline stations.