Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Schneiderman's, "Annex," Crumbling

We wrote last week about the Wayne Barret slicing and dicing of the Eric Schniederman-Al Sharpton love-in: "We remain shocked at how the race baiting schnorrer Sharpton has become a must get endorsement in Democratic circles-and that he is a sure sign of the ethical demise of Democrats. But Schneiderman elevated toady to new heights: "Schneiderman cited Sharpton's pursuit of justice and said he would "seek to follow that model as AG," adding: "The House of Justice will have an annex in Albany for the first time in the history of the state." It was craven excess, an unconscious declaration of how transactional Schneiderman actually sees the office he seeks. No one really expects a Sharpton cubicle in Schneiderman's office, but the AG-to-be was declaring that an organization that the current officeholder, Andrew Cuomo, investigated just two years ago would have an inside track with Schneiderman because its leader was helping to make him AG."

Well now it appears that if Eric reaches the AG's office he will have to set up an annex at the NAN; if only to process the fraudulent activities-at least if the NY Post story from yesterday is true: "An accounting firm hired by Al Sharpton's National Action Network found the civil-rights group in such financial disarray that it flunked its record-keeping -- and may not even survive, The Post has learned. The scathing critique was spelled out in a hard-hitting internal audit of NAN's books, a copy of which was obtained by The Post. "The organization has suffered recurring decreases in net assets -- and has been dependent upon advances from related parties and the nonpayment of payroll tax obligations -- to maintain continuity," the firm KBL concluded in an April 2 audit of NAN's 2008 financial records, the most recent available."
This is an embarrassment to Democrats-and when will the entire party get out of Sharpton's clown car? If the Dems veer leftward by giving Schneiderman its nomination-while the electorate moves in the other direction, the appeal of Republican Dan Donovan will increase exponentially. We'll see if the Dems can avoid the calamity in the making.