Friday, April 09, 2010

And While Bloomberg Lectures...

We thought it might be interesting to juxtapose the mayor's critique of the WFP with the following from City Room: "New Yorkers will pay nearly 13 percent more for each drop of water they use starting July 1 if an increase proposed Friday by the Department of Environmental Protection is approved. The rate increase would cost the typical single-family homeowner an extra $93 a year (a total of $816, up from $723) and increase the annual bill for the average apartment by about $43 (to $513, up from $470), the agency said."

Just another example of the Bloomberg water torture-increasing taxes, fines, fees and, let's not leave out the vaunted parking ticket Gestapo. All of this to feed the Leviathan municipal budget that he has shown, "remarkable restraint," in controlling. What a billionaire political hack!