Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Carbonation & Political Flatulence

According to the NY Post's Knickerbocker website, the governor may be confusing the coke he snorted with the Coke that most of us enjoy drinking: " Are we talking about the same kind of Coke, governor? Gov. Paterson just equated his plan to tax sugared soft drinks with previous efforts to crackdown on the sale of explosives, cigarette sales and other "dangerous substances." "We're just trying to take dangerous substances out of the hands of children," the governor told reporters after a Health Department event in the Capitol to sell the controversial "fat tax."

The only real danger from drinking too much soda is the flatulence it might cause-but in the case of Paterson, that nasty gas emission is coming straight from his mouth; a case of political flatulence that is, sadly, all too typical for the crooked shooter in the governor's mansion.

And what can we make of the following exemplar of incoherence? "We would've equated that years ago with firecrackers or something like that," he continued. "We are finding that we have all kinds of problems being diagnosed at younger ages because of the consumption of sugar. That's what we're trying to stop as a public policy."

Ban Sugar!-the new tobacco. Maybe the governor does have a post political career after all. Who knew?