Monday, February 22, 2010

Bloomberg's Jerry McGuire Moment?

Adam Lisberg continues his incisive reporting on the fate of the Bloombucks that got funneled off to a shady GOP operative-and then apparently disappeared: "By now, we all know how much Mayor Bloomberg spent to win office: $108 million last year, $85 million in 2005, $73 million in 2001. However, we still don't know where it all went. Prosecutors are asking what happened to $750,000 paid last year to a shell company run by Queens operative John Haggerty, six days before he bought a $1.6 million house. Haggerty was supposed to hire Election Day poll watchers, but can't account for as much as $400,000 of it. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. has subpoenaed him to find out more."

Here's a toast to the Manhattan DA: Good hunting, Cy-and don't stop with this pittance. Why not get a forensic accountant to examine all of the Bloomberg charitable giving in order to determine whether or not the mayor has used his vast wealth to suborn the city's democratic process. And, while you're at it Cy, why not convene an investigation if, a has been reported, Ron Lauder is named to chair the new Charter Revision Commission; an example of outright political bribery if we've ever seen one.

Bloomberg has been allowed to play by his own rules for far too long-with the press standing by at parade rest far too often as well; particularly the sycophant owner of the NY Daily News (do you think Mort's gonna editorialize on the Lisberg reporting anytime soon?). It's time, not for a Charter Commission, but for a Truth Commission.