Thursday, January 14, 2010

Without Fear or Favor?

The NY Post is reporting that AG Cuomo is going after State Senator Pedro Espada for wrongdoing alleged by the senator's Soundview Health Clinic: "Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said yesterday he has found "extensive evidence" of wrongdoing by state Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada, including bilking his Bronx not-for-profit health-care clinic of $130,000 a year by switching a janitorial contract to an Espada-owned firm.The explosive allegations were outlined in a 17-page motion filed in Manhattan state Supreme Court that seeks to enforce a subpoena for a wide range of records issued to the for-profit Espada Management Co. in August."

Cuomo appears eager to demonstrate his reform bona fides in preparation for his anticipated run for the governor's office this year. The question we have is, Will the AG show even handedness by showing the same vigor against the alleged illegal lobbying activity of Claire Shulman and her bogus not-for-profit? Will Coumo go after the more egregious eminent domain abuse of the Bloomberg administration against the businesses of Willets Point?

Shulman, the borough of Queens' pol emeritus, is tied into the entire Queens political establishment, while Espada is more of an independent lone wolf. And let's not forget who set up this phony grass roots vehicle-Mike Bloomberg's EDC. Therefore, going after Claire takes a good deal more intestinal fortitude than beating up on the editorial boards' favorite whipping boy, Pistol Pete Espada.

So, as Meatloaf once sang: "What'll it be boy?" Will AC exercise the full power of his office in an equitable way? Or will he take a pass on the more connected Shulman. Inquiring minds want to know.