Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Congestive Traffic Failure Redux

Mike Bloomberg can't leave unwell enough alone, According to Azi, (and to Liz as well)the mayor may be looking to bring back that old classic-congestion pricing: "I don't think congestion pricing, or those kind of things, are dead," he said on CNBC this morning. "One-half of the legislature, the Albany Assembly, they tried to pass a bill to put congestion pricing around all of Manhattan and they couldn't get it done. The Senate didn't go along. Next time, come March, they're going to have to balance a budget and I think any kind of revenue source will be on the table."

Anything is possible, and we do so much look forward to Mr. Carbon Footprint himself trying to resurrect a failed deal that ended up humiliating the mayor. But given what kind of CO2 emissions Mayor Mike has dumped-or has proposed to be dumped-on neighborhoods all over the city, we believe that even he should be a bit more circumspect about bringing back a plan that will dramatize so nicely the gap between his rhetoric and behavior.