Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carrion's Home Improvement

Questions are being raised about that kind of help former Bronx BP might have gotten to renovate his City Isl;and house. As the NY Daily News reports: "President Obama's new urban czar renovated his Bronx home with help from the architect on a major development that needed his approval, a Daily News investigation has found."

Carrion, for his part, vigorously defended his tenure: "As the Bronx borough president, I built a reputation for integrity and dedication to my constituents." But, as the News reported last week: "...several developers seeking CarriĆ³n's approval for projects across the Bronx raised tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions for him."

Maybe Adolfo left at the opportune moment-but to his defense, his alleged misdeeds pale in comparison to those of the shifty fingered Senator Chris Dodd from Connecticut; someone for whom merely getting some architectural help is considered chump change when a sweetheart mortgage is available-from an industry he regulates-to save himself tens of thousands of dollars.

But then AC is going to Washington where, apparently, his Bronx training will stand him in good stead for the rigors of national politics; and the blandishments of the pay-to-play crowd. Not like Mr. Smith, is it?