Wednesday, February 25, 2009


According to the NY Times, there is momentum gathering in Albany to pass legislation to rescind the term limits extension that Mike Bloomberg purchased last fall from the city council: "In what would be a rebuke to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, legislative committees in the State Senate and Assembly are poised to approve a bill that would effectively undo the law that allows the mayor to run for a third term this fall."

Passage in committee. however, doesn't insure that the full legislature would be able to pass the measure into law: "While the speaker of the Assembly, Sheldon Silver, and the Senate majority leader, Malcolm A. Smith, have both said they would allow the bills to advance through the legislative process, it is not clear if a broader appetite exists to take the issue on. Approval in the Senate will prove particularly difficult because Republicans, who occupy 30 of the 62 seats, have solidly backed the mayor in the past. "

In essence, the senate Dems would need to be able to muster a complete party line vote for this bill to be enacted-because if only one senator from the majority held out-and the Republicans voted as a block-the bill would stall. And the governor would have to sign the bill. Still, the idea of making Bloomberg sweat does have its appeal, no?

Which, apparently is what is happening locally; as the city's Republicans-less amenable to to the mayor's monetary blandishments this time around-are poised to met with Mike today. We can hear Lesley Gore singing in the background: "Worried that Mr. Bloomberg is trying to “rent” the ballot without adhering to the party’s principles, Phil Ragusa, the Queens chairman, said he would ask the mayor to register as a Republican — right then and there. Mr. Ragusa said he even planned to bring the registration forms — and a pen — to the meeting, to be held at Manhattan Republican headquarters on East 83rd Street. “If the guy wants to be a Republican, he should register as a Republican,” Mr. Ragusa said. “It’s as simple as that.”

That's unlikely to happen; and Bloomberg, normally a buyer, is probably looking for an expensive rental this time around: "Matthew Mahoney, a Republican aide on the Bloomberg campaign, said the mayor would not change his party affiliation to Republican." Not to worry, however, the mayor in reality has rented us all out.

In what will likely be his most expensive effort ever, Mike Bloomberg will shuck and jive to the tune of $100 million to tell New Yorkers to simply, "Get Over It." And for that kind of money there will likely be enough of the gullible to allow him to serve for another term. But, Miguelito, be careful what you wish for; the third time will not be a charm. The last four years will see the long knives definitely out for someone for whom charm has always been in short supply.