Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Third Time's Charmless

The NY post is reporting today that Mayor Bloomberg has been polling about a third term: " Mayor Bloomberg, who has repeatedly denied interest in running for governor or extending term limits, has conducted a poll that includes questions about changing term limits - a move that would allow him to run for re-election - as well as his chances of winning a race for the statehouse, sources said last night.

Just another example of how the aphrodisiac of power pulls even the richest of folks; and how the mayor may not believe that the normal rules should also apply to him. Not everyone, however, is upset at the prospect: "A source outside the administration said many leaders in the business community don't want to lose Bloomberg at a time of economic uncertainty." What a surprise!

Let's hope that saner heads prevail, and that the mayor sets his sights to Albany. We'd pay to see this irascible chap lock heads with Shelly Silver and, hopefully, Joe Bruno for four years; after all, he's done so well battling the legislature up till now. The frustration meter would blow after just a few months.

Bloomberg is not one to suffer fools, a category that he places most of the world into regularly-but particularly the press, as Gabe Pressman points out: "The other day, after the second crane collapse in three months killed two construction workers, Bloomberg got angry when it was suggested that the Department of Buildings had failed to ensure public safety. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the D.O.B.,” Bloomberg said. “D.O.B. didn’t crash; it was the crane that collapsed. Keep in mind that construction is a dangerous business and you will always have fatalities.” Tell that to the loved ones of the men who died last week and the seven who died in March after another crane collapse...

Giuliani used to denounce reporters for asking stupid questions. This Mayor gets defensive and petulant when he doesn’t like a question. Neither posture is appropriate for the chief executive of a tough city that rightfully takes pride in its tradition of kindness and compassion."

Yes Bloomberg's wearing a bit, isn't he? Which underscores just how much fun it would be to see how an exile in the state capitol would add to his growing public distemper. And at least in Albany there are some effective checks and balances.