Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Richard Lipsky: Real Estate Scion

We really got a big kick out of the Observer's ranking of Richard Lipsky as one of the 100 most influential people in NYC real estate. Here's the blurb:
Richard Lipsky
Lobbyist, Richard Lipsky Associates
To many large developers, particularly those who build big-box retail, Mr. Lipsky is a pain in the ass. He organizes public opposition and pitches to the media a constant David vs. Goliath story line, usually with small retailers, threatened by the Vornados and the Related Companies of the world, playing the David role.

In over twenty five years of lobbying work on behalf of small businesses, communities and labor, we have stooped over twenty separate big box and shopping center developments-the only consistent force operating successfully in this capacity; which makes the ranking of Norman Oder ahead of us as something of a mystery. What has Norman actually stopped in his vendetta against Atlantic Yards, and has he ever done anything else to create a body of work?

In any event, thanks to the Observer for putting us-along with our limited real estate portfolio-in with the Rosses, the Trumps, and the Roths of the world. For at least one day we get to feel somewhat like a mogul