Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Delay and Destroy

In its effort to kill the Atlantic Yards project, the Develop Don't Destroy folks have gone into their version of the Four Corners offense-try to hold the ball long enough to eke out a victory over a better team. But, as the NY Daily News editorializes this morning, the courts need to speed up the process and give the DDD crowd (to mix metaphors) a well-deserved delay of game penalty.

As the News points out: "Every month costs Ratner $12 million, and financing has become increasingly difficult in the subprime mortgage credit crunch. The developer has asked the Appellate Division to force Develop Don't Destroy to make its case on an expedited basis.
That must happen. The opponents are engaged in an abuse of process that threatens great public harm. The court should order them to proceed forthwith so the matter can be decided on the merits once and for all."

This kind of rear guard legal strategy is exactly why the courts are being held in such low esteem-a failure to deal with the abuse of legal process. All of Brooklyn (or at least the majority of Brooklynites) is waiting for the Nets to come an energize the borough and hopefully, just like the Giants today, parade down the Canyon of Heroes with a NBA championship. Daniel needs to take the money and run.