Thursday, December 20, 2007

Columbia Ex Post Facto

In today's NY Post the paper's story on the Columbia expansion vote brings out a number of interesting points. For the first time there is a direct dollar amount put on the affordable housing initiative: "Councilman Robert Jackson (D-Manhattan), who helped push through what would be one of the largest expansion projects in recent Manhattan history, put the total value of the benefits package at $150 million. He said most of the money would go toward affordable housing."

Well and good, and the inimitable Dave Seifman also points out that the vitriol in the debate addressed the issue of eminent domain, but goes on to say that the issue may become moot: "One official said that only three commercial property owners haven't settled yet with Columbia, and two were closing in on a deal."

Perhaps, he's right but we're a long way from a resolution to this issue; and as an editorial in the NY Sun points out, the abuse of ED is pronounced in NY State. Therefore, it will take a great deal of effort from many of the local elected officials to see the Sprayregen swap through to a successful conclusion. The greater this effort is, however, the more expeditious an equitable expansion will be able to go forward.