Saturday, August 11, 2007

Guillermo Linares: "Persona No Grata"

We couldn't resist a chuckle today when we saw yesterday's headline in El Diario (courtesy of The Politicker) saying that Gillermo Linares was considered a persona non grata in the Dominican community. The charge was brought by Nelson Pena, who heads up an umbrella group of various community organizations in Washington Heights.

Without going into the particulars of the dispute, it goes without saying that we're not surprised that Linares is being viewed with disdain by legitimate Dominican community groups. Back in 1995, the then Councilman Linares voted in favor of the Pathmark Supermarket development in East Harlem-after promising the Dominican supermarket owners that he would support their fight.

So now the wheel turns and Linares is back in the middle of controversy for failing to stick up for Dominican interests-so much so that he is being characterized as an "enemigo publico de los Dominicanos." It's a predictable situation for a public official who has demonstrated so little integrity throughout an undistinguished career.