Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Small Business Rallies Against New Traffic Tax

Today, in front of Guantanamera Restaurant at Noon on 56th Street and 8th Avenue, various representatives of small business organizations will hold a press conference to continue to voice their opposition to the mayor's congestion tax. The NYSRA and the Latino Restaurant Association, will be joined by the Small Business Congress and the Independent Beer Wholesalers of New York to underscore just how the mayor's proposed tax will hurt small wholesalers, retailers and independent contractors.

The event takes place while the self-imposed deadline for federal funds approaches, and there are still signs that the mayor's plan may not be dead yet-compromise is still a possibility. The press conference is being held to show continued support for Speaker Silver and Assemblymen Brodsky and Lancman who, along with Senator Kruger and Councilman Weprin have shown the most strength in waging the fight against the mayor and his money.

In addition, the Alliance will be there to expose the hypocrisy of environmental groups such as the Environmental Defense Fund who have used the clean air issue to make their case, while remaining silent for the last five years while Bloomberg has waged war against neighborhood businesses in the mall-driven building frenzy that has been the hallmark of his administration-at least until he had his remarkable environmental epiphany.