Thursday, June 07, 2007

Campaign Finagaling

The NY Post, in commenting on the recently introduced "campaign finance reform," hits the nail right on the head: it's no reform at all. The Post is in fact following the lead of the NY Sun which pretty much said the same thing in its editorial yesterday. The reason for the demurrals is the fact that the bill specifically excludes labor from the restrictions that are unilaterally imposed on businesses.

This is flat out ridiculous as a reform measure. Anyone who lobbies in the city knows full well that labor has a tremendous influence over the course of legislation. And as someone who represents both businesses and labor I have had this factor work to my favor at times, while at other moments it has been an obstacle.

The fact remains that labor is an interest just like any other, and to place it in a sacrosanct position is to skew the legislative process; to the disadvantage of smaller, minority-owned businesses. The bill is flawed and should be either amended to include everyone, or it should be defeated.