Friday, September 08, 2006

Sun Won't Set on Clubs: Post Toasts Them

In today's NY Sun reporter Russell Berman puts the nightlife industry's defense of its record front and center. In a headline that reads, "Nightlife Industry Defends Security at City's Clubs," the story allows the record to be set straight about the manufactured "crisis" in the city's club scene. by liberally quoting from the testimony of NYNA's Rob Bookman.

The key quote here: "The real crisis is the slow killing of this important industry, one that will have a major impact on jobs, taxes and tourism." The Sun goes on to cite Bookman's attack on the SLA's moratorium on licenses and NYNA's call for a crackdown on the fraudulent use of fake IDs. The paper also points out that the moratorium blindsided city officials who were not given any advance warning about the initiative.

In contrast, the NY Post once again stooped into the gutter by failing to even cite the industry's positions-or even its presence-at yesterday's hearing. In what had to be an editorial decision, since Stephanie Gaskell whose byline appears on the story and Angela Montefinisi, who was present for the paper at the hearing, are both good and decent reporters who wouldn't have left the important balance out of the story.

All of this points to the need to continue to push hard to cultivate friendly media and electeds toward a fair and balanced position on nightlife. The Sun will be using a Bookman/Rabin editorial on the week of the 21st and we're pushing for more editorial support from others as well.