Monday, March 17, 2008

Red Faced in Fort Greene

Last week we did a post on a NY Daily News piece on supermarkets and green carts. In the commentary we took the reporter to task: "Well, well. Is this the same reporter who began her panegyric to peddlers with an interview of a resident of the Farragut Houses, the project that sits across from the vacant supermarket site? In that story Belankaya used the laments of the Farragut resident to dramatize the need for an additional 1500 fruit and vegetable peddlers on the streets of neighborhoods just like Fort Greene"

Well, well indeed; it appears that the project that sits across the street from the new development is Ingersoll not Farragut and we mischaracterized the reporter's acumen as well as her motives-for which we are sorry. We believe that the weaknesses of the green carts initiatives are so severe that we don't need to erroneously attack the reporter in order to demonstrate the policy's fallacies.